Welcome to my blog!

Hello you!

My name is Sarie and I’m a 22 years old all-do’er (if that’s even a word). I studied journalism and for about a year I’ve been working as an editor and journalist at video and radio production houses. While I’m working, I’m also studying Digital Content & Journalism. Oh, and I also have my own start-up, which is actually still in the literal sense of the word: a start-up – at this point I can’t yet tell you anything more about that.

So these are some of my activities – and although it looks like I am a myriapod, I do need my me-time. And that’s when my love for books comes in (and also a lot of Netflix).

I started this blog initially as a school ‘assignment’, but eventually I started liking it and continuing it.

I hope you will all like this little experiment, and all the things I am going to write about. Enjoy!

Books on a holiday