The Girl On The Train read like a train

Hey guys!

First of all, I started reading this book because of something funny. When my boyfriend and I went on our first holiday together, he wanted to read a book, so he bought this one. He was in love with it, so eventually when he was finished, I began reading it. It’s funny because I always thought that this was a girlie-girlie book. But my vision about it changed when I finished it.

The characters

So the book consists of different characters, which I liked a lot, because they weren’t typical at all. The writer didn’t want us to fall in love with them, but tried to make us look critical to them. Beginning with the main character, RachelI loved her character. She gets pictured like a psycho alcoholic who stalks her ex, but she’s so much more. She’s caring, she desperately wants to be accepted by everyone, especially her ex and she’s smart. You know she’s smart because she knows she has a problem, she wants to get this mysterie solved and tries to find some solutions. She has a whole evolution throughout the book, and that’s what I liked the most. In the beginning I just thought she was pathetic, but in the end I understood her personality and actions.

Megan: I loved her the most. First you come into this story where you just know her as ‘Jess’, the perfect girl who Rachel always sees when she’s on the train. But after a while you really learn to know her, and learn that no one is perfect and everyone has their backpacks on their backs, filled with joyfull, but also miserable memories and moments. In my opinion I found that there where to little stories coming from Megan. I really missed her sometimes.

Tom: I’m not going to say much about this one. He’s Rachel’s ex-husband. I’m not really fond of him, and that’s why I don’t want to talk much about him, since I don’t want to spoil anything. But the evolution of his character is great. He’s an interesting person, and I’m not going to forget about that for a long time.

Anna: Last but not least there’s Anna. Being pictured lika a typical bitchy new girlfriend of your ex, but if you can think clearly, the things she says en does are all very understandable. She just wants the best for her family, and that’s what everyone needs to do. This protective character even got my sympathy in the end.

There are a lot more characters where I can rattle about, but eventually this post would become a book itself.

The story

I already described a lot of the storylines by describing the characters. Rachel is just a drunk, travelling each day with the train to work. She follows this couple, who she sees from the train and who live in the same street where she lived with her ex-husband. She fantasizes a lot about their lives and even gives them a name. Eventually things happen and the girl disappears. When these events occure, she meets people and tries to solve the mysterie herself. It get’s her in a whole lot of trouble and imputations.

This book really read like a train, it’s relatively thick, but you just get sucked into the storylines and want to know more and more, until you get to the end. I had my own theories about what happened, but I always like a good ending and plot twist. And if you do to, you will certainly love this one!

Have you already read the book? What where your thoughts about it? And the movie? (Which I still haven’t seen)

Have a lovely Valentine’s day!




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