Presenttime!! #1

Hey guys!

I just spoiled myself again with these two hunks!

I wanted to bring in classic books for a long time, because that’s what real bookaholics do! The Catcher In The Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird are like two of the most worldknown books of alltime I think. And of course, as the real booklover I am, I ordered these and got them like a day after.

I’m so excited to read these, and can’t wait to tell you how they’ve been for me. At the moment I’m reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower and it’s incredible. I’m going to post something soon about the book and I hope you will all love it! I don’t like reading different books at the same time, so it will take a few weeks before I’m going to read them.

There are also a few Dutch books that I want to read, like Black from Dirk Bracke (which has been filmed also, directed by Adil El Arbi) and Factor 25 from Eva Daeleman. Two books that I already own.

I’ll keep you posted!




2 thoughts on “Presenttime!! #1

  1. TheAliceFan says:

    I have read Salinger’s books and loved it, and I plan to read Harper Lee’s said masterpiece soon! I’m really excited for your take regarding those two! XD


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