Movies into books, books into movies

Hey guys!

I decided that I wanted to write an opinion piece. Just a personal post about something that seems like an endless discussion. Books being made into movies.

I guess I can’t put this in general, because I haven’t read all the books in the world that have been made into a movie. But for the books I’ve read, I’ve been disappointed. For some more than others, but still. I know some stories need to be told, and they are being told, in books. And I know people make the movies for people who are to lazy to pick up a book. But that’s a mentallity that needs to be changed. Ofcourse those people won’t notice the difference between the movie and the book, just because they don’t read it. But that’s the thing, if they don’t take the chance to read the book, they just don’t deserve the story. In my first post about the Hunger Games I already explained a bit what was wrong. But there are several more books like The Girl on The Train, that were made into a movie, that I just thought:

“The characters are just not right!”

Why? Because the character in my head and the person they used for their roles were just not the same. Take Rachel. She’s an alcoholic, a drunk, who’s fat, ugly, stinks,… And she’s played by Emily Blunt, a beautiful woman that was given some bags under her eyes to play the role of Rachel. It just wasn’t right. I can talk hours for this movie, but I hope you will experience it yourself.

What did you thought of this movie? Do you think it was worse or better than the book? Are there other books you just couldn’t handle being made into a movie? Or are there  movies you found better than the book?

Let me know!




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