The Perks of knowing your characters

Hey guys!

I loveloveloved The Perks of Being a Wallflower! I know this book for a long time now. Since four/five years – I think – even from before the movie was born. A friend told me about this book and I started reading it then. But I didn’t finish it because I was in a place called:

“I don’t have time for books, I need to party, go out and not be intellectual.”

Guess that was a stupid mistake! I wanted to see the movie for a long time, but I knew that I would want to read the book before I saw the movie (you can ready why, here). So I did. In the beginning I kinda thought Charlie (the main character) was a strange, weirdo kid. But after a while I started to fall in love with the character the writer had created. Charlie is a very sensitive person. He can read life so well, he know how to handle things in the good way. That doesn’t mean he didn’t make some mistakes himself. But hey! Who doesn’t make mistakes. Charlie is this boy who, when he makes mistakes, he will always try to fix them as soon as possible. You know he feels so guilty, but how can’t you? He cries like every five minutes. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like the person he was. I really did like him. He faced the famous problems that everyone faces in life:


Going out, meeting girls (or boys), facing the everyday habit of an emotional rollercoaster. Well I guess I can tell you a whole of a lot more about that from personal experience. But that’s not the point. We are talking about Charlie here. He fell desperately in love with Sam. She’s beautiful, smart, and every inch of me wants him to be with her. It takes a long time, I’m not saying what happens in the, but everything falls into place. It’s not a typical lovebook story, but it also is, and when I understood this, I knew this book would forever stay in my heart.

I really loved the way the book was written. Charlie tells everything via letters to an unknown person. I loved the story he told, but after a while I started to think: ‘This book doesn’t really has a point’. But in the end, it was really worth the read. I can’t deny that I cried a little. I won’t tell you what happend, but everything becomes clear in the end. The way Charlie is, why he is so emotional and kinda depressed. What happens with his family, Sam, Patrick,…

I did feel a little disappointment, but not because of any reason you think now. It was because the book ended. It was done, over,… and it felt like a little piece of me died with it. I really understood the book so good and I definitely will read it again. I just want to know what happens with Charlie after the book, how he’s doing in school, if he found new friends or if he’s still the same, down-to-earth guy.

“I wished I knew a guy like Charlie. Well, maybe I know one, but don’t realise it because he’s such a wallflower.”

Movies and not being disappointed

After I’d read the book, I immediately watched the movie, because there were certain things that weren’t clear to me. You know I read the book a couple of weeks ago (do you already follow me on instagram?), well I finally saw the movie. And I have to say I WASN’T DISAPPOINTED.

I have been disappointed in every movie I saw that came from a book I already read (you can read all about that, here). But this one was sooooo good.


Charlie (played by Logan Lerman)

He played him so well. In every movie I know where he plays in, he’s such a dork or nerd or whatever. He is always an unpopular boy. But well, I can’t really see another sort of character with him. He’s so cute and adorable, and it’s exactly that way how I felt about Charlie in the book too. The only thing that bothered me was that he didn’t cry that much like he did in the book. Sometimes I missed a bit emotion as it was so well written in the books. But it didn’t ruin the movie for me. Everything became so much clearer in the end, I pictured a better story because of the movie.

Sam (played by Emma Watson)

SHE PLAYED THIS SO WELL! I really didn’t expect it, because I thought I would always think that I’m looking at Hermione. But from the first minute I saw her in the movie, I just totally forgot about it. She played Sam so good, I think there wasn’t a better actrice to do it. It made me feel so much better about her, and I kinda became an even bigger fan (not only in the Harry Potter way – wow!)

Patrick (Played by Ezra Miller)

I didn’t expect him at all. We know Patrick is gay, but he played it soooo gay. Okay, he did the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and played a travestite in it. But in his normal life, he is very feminine. That is not how I pictured him at all. In the end I did like him a little bit better than in the beginning.

Candace (Played by Nina Dobrev)

I did not picture Nina Dobrev in this role AT ALL! I watch The Vampire Diaries hardcore, she’s forever a vampire to me, NOT CHARLIE’S SISTER! But I got used to it and everything was okay, but they better had casted someone else or someone not uberfamous for that roll…

I really liked the movie, I was so much into it because I already was very familiar with the characters. I did even cry in the end.

I think you should watch it yourself to know what I’m talking about… I really recommend it, but I have to say that you need to read the book first! It’s the best thing you can do. You will never forget Charlie again!




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