Onesie fangirl

Hey guys!

If you’ve been following my instagramaccount, you know something new was about to happen on my blog. I’ve been thinking about this a long time since it’s not really a ‘bookthing’. But first I’m going to tell something more about me. Besides books, I also have a deep interest for fashion, even when I’m chilling. I always like to wear matching things and hate to look like a hobo even when I’m wearing chillpants (which is the hardest thing in the world). So because of that ‘sense of style’, I want to start blogging a bit more about clothing and stuff. But no worries: it is totally and completely in a straight line with my blog. I would like to post a bit more about comfy clothing, the best kind of clothing when reading your favorite book. And with this lovely introduction, I want to start off by talking about my favorite piece of chillclothing in my wardrobe: MY ONESIE.

IMG_0183Well I definitely have a lot of onesies, but this one is my favorite, and that’s why I wanted to start off with it. I think this is also the time where I really need to post about a onesie because winter’s almost over and this is the hottest frickin’ thing in the world. That’s why I love it so much. Picture it being a really cold, snowy day, and you have nothing to do besides reading in your book. And picture being in this fluffy cute outfit, all cosy and wrapped up, sitting on your couch. Best day ever to me.

This one’s also my favorite, because it’s very instaproof, haha! You can only take beautiful pictures of it, because it’s just such a cute, lovely onesie.

IMG_0184I think not a week goes by for me, without taking a look at some new onesies that I want. I always visit the same online store for this: Boohoo, where you can find the most amazing, cute ones ever.

I hope you liked this post, it’s something completely different, but I think that’s good sometimes. And furthermore, what are your favorite chillclothes, or what do you prefer to wear while reading a book? Let me know below!




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