Looking for A break

Hey guys!

The book I’m going to discuss today, really lies close to my heart. I got this a while ago for Valentine’s Day from my boyfriend and that’s why I really loved to read it and wanted to read it very soon. I’m talking about Looking for Alaska by John Green. But I have so much books in my shelf that I want to read and it just didn’t happen.

The story

The book is about a boy named Miles, later on he’s named ‘Pudge’, so that’s how I’m going to call him from now one. He’s this dork who hasn’t had much friends, until he arrives at Culver Creek, a boarding school. He meets a lot of new people who mean the zo much for him from the beginning on. I’m going to describe them here:

The characters

I loved them all to bits. And I’m missing them already, reading about them, knowing them, being in their lives. So here I go, writing about them and being busy with them for the last time.

Miles (Pudge)

Actually I should write the real name and nickname the other way around, because his real name was barely mentioned. Pudge was the main character, and I loved him, you can compare him to Charlie from TPOBAW. I described him a little in the beginning. He’s just a quiet boy, who get’s lost in his passions. His talent is being able to remind every last sentence of people who died. That’s pretty cool in the book, I loved reading these sentences and loved to read more. He isn’t cool or anything, and doesn’t care what people think of him. But when he meets The Colonel and Alaska, he smokes and drinks with them. But I think he mostly does this because he thinks he should, not because he wants to be cool.

Chip Martin (The Colonel)

He’s the first one you meet after Pudge. When Pudge arrives at the boarding school, he’s being roomed with ‘The Colonel’. Also with this boy I have to constantly write The Colonel, because his real name isn’t used frequently, even less than Miles’ name. He has a strong reputation when it comes to schemes, so because of that he’s named The Colonel, because he’s a real mastermind. I always pictured him very poor, because he was. But also because he hated the ‘rich kids’ in school. The so-named Weekday Warriors. The Colonel introduced Pudge to his best friend Alaska:


I didn’t really like her in the beginning. Maybe I just didn’t understand her character that good, but I have this a lot. I just have to learn to know the characters a little bit better. So bit by bit I did learn to know her. And in the end I knew she was very damaged and I understood her behaviour.

*** The next things I’m going to write are spoilers so please stop reading if you want to read the book or just don’t want to know it. *** 

So the book starts with a countdown. You don’t know to what there’s being counted down to, until you get there, until her death. I really cried at this point, I missed her, I began to really like and appreciate her and suddenly the author just killed her. And from then on you just feel the search of all her friends to what happend. There were a few points were I almost cried again, because I really felt their pain. Okay, maybe I’m just to sensitive and I’m to caught up in a book sometimes. But I know for sure I’m not the only one. Do you feel the same way sometimes? Which book made you cry your eyes out?

*** Spoilerfree from now on ***

The quotes

This is something different, which I didn’t do in my other posts. I tried to catch some quotes, which I loved the most, and I wanted to share these with you.

“You shall love your crooked neighbour / With your crooked heart” 

This was in a scene where Alaska asks Miles “Pudge” to read a sentence out of a book she’s currently reading. Pudge is pretty good (as in, obsessed) at knowing peoples last words. As Alaska asks him what writer Auden’s last words were, he didn’t knew, because he never heard of him. So this isn’t really the autor’s quote, but it is indeed, a pretty good quote.

I lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane

When people say ‘quotes’, this is on the top shelf of their minds. I’ve heard of this quote, but didn’t know where it came from, and finally I found it. It’s actually only the last sentence that matters, but only in the full context I really understood it and treasured it. So that’s why I just wrote a whole book, haha!

“People believe in an afterlife because they can’t bear not to”

Being not able to bear the idea of death being a big black nothing. Thinking that loved ones don’t exist anymore and themselves not existing anymore.

But the quote that hit me the most is most definitely this one:

“Nothing is instant. Instant rice takes five minutes, instant pudding an hour. I doubt that an instant of blinding pain feels particulary instantaneous”

I know right? Weird fucking quote. But it was the reason why these sentences were in the book, that fascinated me. I never ever cried reading a book, until this one. And being able as a writer to find a funny line to put in a sad story… that’s what I love, and that’s why I love this ‘quote’.

Did you like putting these quotes in my blog? Let me know!




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