Quick update #1

Hey guys, So I've been very busy these past few weeks. I finished my internship, my final assignment is done and last week I went to Scotland for another smaller assignment. All of it went great, but I jus haven't got the time to really read and write. BUT in Scotland (more specifically Edinburgh), home … Continue reading Quick update #1


Dominicain Bookrepublic

Hey guys, A couple of months ago it was 'crazyshoppingtime' at Maastricht in the Netherlands. As the shopaholic I am, I had to go there. After an hour and a half of driving, we arrived. We left very early so we would be in time when the stores opened at 10. But we were  to … Continue reading Dominicain Bookrepublic

Movies into books, books into movies

Hey guys! I decided that I wanted to write an opinion piece. Just a personal post about something that seems like an endless discussion. Books being made into movies. I guess I can't put this in general, because I haven't read all the books in the world that have been made into a movie. But for the … Continue reading Movies into books, books into movies